Dignified Palliative Care in the Comfort of Home

Our palliative home care service offers dignified end of life care and support to people who wish to die at home. Supported by knowledgeable but empathetic carers, palliative care at home means they are able to remain in a comfortable, familiar environment surrounded by a lifetime of warmth and happy memories.

We know this is an incredibly difficult time for families and offer not only practical help, but also emotional support and gentle companionship, advice and reassurance at a time when they need it the most.

Our live-in and domiciliary palliative care service offers a positive alternative to the clinical setting of a hospital or residential home. For many it is a more comfortable environment – a person can remain in the relaxed surroundings of their home and family do not have to make stressful visits.

Whether help is required a few times a week, overnight, or on a live-in basis, we ensure that palliative care at home is flexible for when it is needed and that it is fully tailored to individual requirements.

Our end of life care

Clients with Dementia need a great deal of reassurance and support to help them feel less isolated and more oriented. With full-time one-to-one care in the home with skilled carers, the quality of life, both for those with the condition and for their families, is greatly enhanced. This is a much loved alternative to leaving the familiar surroundings of home and moving into a care facility.

A Dementia care plan is carefully tailored to the individual needs of the client, including an assessment of specific symptoms that are being experienced. By conducting a full home assessment while working with clients, their families, their GPs and other healthcare professionals, we are able to provide a complete Dementia care plan that meets the specific needs of the individual.

Our live-in and domiciliary palliative care, also known as an end of life care service, is tailored to the individual and designed to seamlessly slot into existing routines to cause minimal disruption at an emotional time. In the case of palliative care, our carers will:

  • Respect dignity, privacy and choice at all times

  • Provide person-centred care respecting the individual’s wishes at all time

  • Provide practical, physical, emotional and spiritual support – incorporating the client’s beliefs, preferences and wishes into their daily routine

  • Keep pain managed, monitored and under control

  • Supervise medication

  • Work closely with other key health professionals involved in the care – doctors, district nurses and palliative health teams to ensure that the end of life is as painless and peaceful as possible

  • Enable the individual to remain as active and independent as possible

  • Remain calm, reassuring and professional

Live-in care or flexible visiting care

Our fully trained carers can provide day or night time visits to the home, from just half an hour a day, or can move in to the home of the client and provide full-time live-in care and support according to the personalised care plan and the client’s specific needs. This allows families to be safe in the knowledge that their relative’s days will be as free of anxiety as possible under the expert care of a patient and understanding professional.

Our dedicated care management team have years of experience in tailoring palliative home care for individuals at the end of their life and will be there every step of the way to ensure the care received is personal to you or your loved one. For further information or to book a free, no obligation, home assessmentcontact our friendly team today.


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Client Feedback

“I just wanted to inform you how pleased I am with the care that mum received. L. has gone above and beyond the call of duty on many occasions and dealt expertly with all other health professionals.”

“We have valued S so much over the past year. She is a credit to your company, she is very caring and has made a positive impact on all our lives but especially for mum and dad.”

“I just wanted to inform you how pleased I am with the care that mum received. I am not able to see my mother often, I depend on your organisation for her care which has been outstanding.”

“I have been really impressed with Berkeley Home Health. Since taking over from the previous agency things have improved so much. Thank you for organising things so well.”

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