Berkeley Home Health – Testimonials

Mrs H

"I have been really impressed with Berkeley Home Health Southeast. Since taking over from the previous care agency things have improved so much. Thank you to the coordinators for organising things so well."

Mr I

“The carer is the best carer ever, she is caring, anticipates needs, she has been a rock in keeping the family together. M is loved by all the family. We don't know what we would do without her.”

Mrs D

"The carer is an absolute gem, he is so kind and helpful."

Mr M

"The care coordinator at Berkeley Home Health Southeast has been invaluable so far with my parents care, we are very grateful and we can see how hard she has worked in the past weeks."

Mr S

"Rita cared for my mother from mid January to mid February 2016, I found her to be very organised and caring. Rita managed to introduce new foods to my mother, instigate a bathing routine and manage her medication for Alzheimer's very well. During the course of her stay there were a number of maintenance issues in the bungalow which she dealt with in her stride. Various additional carers and health professionals called to see my mother, Rita always interacted so well with all of them and was able to pass on detailed information. Rita's record keeping was exact. It was a pleasure to visit and take lunch with both my mother and Rita. I would very much like her to return as my mother's carer at a future date."

Mr C

“The carer you have arranged is an asset to your company. M.E. is out and about with the assistance from the carer and he always has a smile on his face. It's a real credit to your company.”


"Berkeley Home Health Southeast are compassionate, caring, and dedicated. Our appreciation for making my mothers life so wonderful before she passed away."

Mr B

"Berkeley Home Health Southeast are a friendly, sympathetic, and efficient provider. They are very approachable and responsive."

Mr A

"All of my carers at Berkeley Home Health Southeast in Bentley have lived up to their name in every detail."

Mrs C

"I am so happy with Teresa, Berkeley Home Health Southeast has wonderful carers. Me and my husband are looking forward to taking a short break.."

Mr R

“Can I take this opportunity to thank everyone for their help and support. Both carers were brilliant throughout mum's care.”

Mrs B

"H. is brilliant, she is wonderful and does a really good job. She is very caring and my mother could not have coped without her."

Mr V

“The carer is super efficient. She is doing a fantastic job and we hope she can come back after the break.”

Mrs D

“The carer was doing a wonderful job and was really looking after 'M' very well. Berkeley Home Health's care plans are always good and very detailed.“

Mr A

"J is doing very well, he has been really helpful and has made a very positive impact on our lives."

Mr T

“The carer has a good understanding of my mother's needs, she is kind and considerate, cooks well and does the housework. She is very good company for my mum. Thank you for finding such a good carer for mum, she is a very good match.”

Mrs O

"The carer is looking after my son very well and it is obvious that she is a very caring person. She is a great cook, feeds him with lots of vegetables and healthy meals, keeps the house very clean, spotless actually and is sensible with the shopping."

Mrs P

"'K' is doing a great job, she learns very quickly, is very active and seems to be very confident."

Mrs B

"I have been very happy with C and E (carers) caring for my mother. They were both incredible, outstanding and excellent carers. C has really encouraged my mother with regards to her painting and has been very supportive. I would like to thank Berkeley for the lovely carers they have arranged for my mother."

Mrs S

"Berkeley Home Health Southeast have supplied carers who meet my Mother's character and needs very well. All the carers are enthusiastic, caring, patient and resourceful. I am happy to continue using Berkeley Home Health Southeast for as long as my 95 year old Mother needs their services."

Mrs H

"R. is a lovely carer and she gets on very well with my mother. She is very dedicated and and committed to her job."

Mrs B

"I have been very happy with the carers caring for my mother. They were both incredible, outstanding and excellent carers. They have really encouraged my mother with regards to her painting and have been very supportive. Thank you for the lovely carers you have arranged for my mother."

Mr S

"My wife and I would like to express our thanks for the care and attention shown by your carer. Both the carers providing care to my mother receive thanks and recognition for their efforts and care."

Mrs W

"I would like to compliment the carer as well as the office team. They have arranged everything so well for my mother and in finding a suitable carer. The carer is lovely, fantastic and she has exceeded our expectations with regards to the care she has provided to my mother."

Mrs J

"The carer is getting on so well with my friend and I would like for the carer to stay. The carer spends quality time with 'B', cooks home cooked food and I can really see the difference in "

Mrs S

"I have been with Berkeley Home Health Southeast a long time, always reliable and provide excellent service."

Mrs S

Ms C

“I would like to thank the carer for all the hard work she has done when looking after my mother. The care has been outstanding and 'B' has gone above and beyond her job role.”

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