Care for Parkinson’s disease at home

A diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease is life-changing and frightening, but it does not mean the end of a person’s life, that they have to lose their independence, or their right to live where they want, how they want.

Our service provides a personalised alternative to residential care, enabling a person affected by Parkinson’s disease to receive quality, one-to-one care and support to remain comfortably and safely in their own home.

Berkeley Home health – specialist care for Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s is a progressive disease which causes a number of symptoms including tremor, slow movement, stiff muscles and problems with balance and mobility. Although there is currently no cure, certain medications along with lifestyle changes including healthy eating, exercise and a routine led lifestyle can help to ease symptoms.

Our tailored home care service means that we can implement a plan of care centred on the individual and how they want to live, whilst also ensuring they receive the right level of care and support for their requirements. Remaining in the relaxed and familiar surroundings of home can help to ease the symptoms of the disease, with a carer seamlessly fitting in with current routines and lifestyle preferences.

Our carer’s are professionally trained to recognise the mental and physical challenges that a person living with Parkinson’s disease faces on a daily basis. Dignity and choice are respected at all times and they are on hand to respond to the continually changing demands of the disease, whilst ensuring that the individual remains safe, comfortable and is able to retain the best quality of life possible.

Whether you or your loved one require help for a few hours daily from a visiting carer, are after some much needed respite care, or need live-in care on a long-term basis, we have a solution that can help enhance and enrich the life of someone living with Parkinson’s disease – enabling them to remain independently at home.

Need further help?

If you would like to know more about our visiting care or live-in care service for an individual with Parkinson’s disease, then please do give us a call on 01252 852100. Alternatively, fill out the callback request and a specialist member of the team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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